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MoEFCC's Office Memo Related to Forest
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Description Date Details
Time line
30-09-14 Time Line Time Line in Fowchart for FC to be follwed - Supreme court direction (iii)
22-03-17 Time Line Time Line to be followed
28-03-19 Timeline Handbook_timeline
Payments - NPV
28-03-19 Revised NPV Rates Handbook complete
10-03-15 Revised NPV Rates Guidelines regarding prior approval for the areas falling in the mining lease which were are recorded as forest
in govt. recored or after the FC act came into force, but while processing the proposal under FC act
for use of forest land falling in such mining lease for mining purpose such areas were treated as Non Forest Land
31-03-16 NPV for entire forest land
28-03-19 Revised NPV Rates Handbook
Safety Zone
04-07-14 Management of Safety zone in mining lease (7.5 m)
01-05-15 FC application -Safety Zone Regd.. Proposal seeking prior approval for forest land falling in safety zone of ML area, to which provision of
circular dtd 1.4.14 attracts, shall be closed in case the land of safety zone
is not required for mining or non forest use
30-03-17 Clarification Regarding Forest Application -
with No FRA for part of Forest Land
Mining operation may not be stopped
15-01-14 Details of Form-I & Form-II-
Excemption of Gramsabha for liear projects except those involving recognised rights of primitive Tribal groups (PTG) & Pre agricultural Communities (ref 5-2-13)
20-12-13 Stage-I will be considered only after obtaining evidence of FRA
09-10-13 All certificates of FRA issued before the issuance of Format I & Format II
Submission of fresh certificate should not be insisted upon, provided the certificate issued by DC meets the requirement of OM 3-8-09 & 5-2-13
05-07-13 FRA certificate for (a) Linear & (b) other projects in For-I & Form-II respectively
05-02-13 Gram sabha may not be required for projects like roads, canals, laying of pipe lines/optical fibres & transmission lines etc where diversion is in several villages involved unless recognised rights of PTG (Primitive Tribal group) and (PAC) Pre Agricultural communities are being affected.
20-09-12 Ensuring of compliance of FRA, 2006 Related to Himanchal Pradesh only
03-08-09 Detailed guidelines on submission of evidence for having initiated & completed the process of settlement of ST, OT & FD (Recognision of Forest Right) Act, 2006 -
Proceedings in vernacular language
Mining operation may not be stopped
30-07-09 Guidelines to submit FRA certificate Letter from state govt. certifying complete process for identifying & settelment of rights under FRA carried out & it is as per Sec 3 (2) of FRA
Letter from each gram sabha indicating that all formalities / process under FRA carried out
FRA proceedings in vernacular/local language placed before gram sabha - certificate from state government
Quoram of minimum of 50% of membership
20-10-13 Updating Forest Proposal Updating of Forest Proposal on WebSite
17-09-16 Online Application- Sec 2(iii) User agency to apply online Under Sec 2 (iii)
17-09-16 Forest Proposal to contain original documents Forest proposal annexed with original documents. If original documents not available then photocopies to be
authenticated by issuing authority with signature & stamp.
10-01-03 Forest (Conservation) Rules, 2003 Forms & Format
24-07-14 Online Application Web portal for Online Application Regd...
10-11-15 Proposal for entire Forest land in a mining lease Proposal for entire Forest land in a mining lease- seperate mining lease by State Government only after Stage-I
31-03-15 Tranfer of lease regarding Forest Land Tranfer of lease regarding Forest Land
01-05-15 Extension of Period of validity of FC
01-04-15 Period of validity of FC
13-02-12 Non availability of Forest Land for Creation of CA
13-05-14 Diversion of forest located in Safety zone of existing mines
01-02-13 Submission of proposals to obtain approval for diversion of entire forest land
located within the mining lease and grant of EC to mining projects.
by 1st Feb 2015
29-08-13 Storing of records of EC & FC - Electronic
07-10-14 Exemption from the requirement obtaining prior approval of Central Govt.
for execution of temporary work in forest land
07-01-13 Modification in para 4.4 and 2.2(iii) - Linear Projects
07-10-14 Diversion Proceedure for change in Landuse or re-diversion to apply in letter form as per para 2.1 (iv) of FC Act
in case rediversion of whole or part of forest land for
execution of project becomes essential for execution of project other than the project for
which such land was diverted - A fresh application is required.
07-11-14 Submission of Proposal - for entire forest land Expedite processing of forest proposal as per guidelines dtd. 1-2-13 at the earliest to avoid disruption of mining activites after 1st Feb 15
01-08-17 Cost Benefit Analysis Guideline to calculate Cost Benefit Analysis